Peace-Love-Yoga Palm Springs

Fitness Classes, Tips

by Amanda Ridder


Cradled cozily within Palm Springs, Peace Love Yoga studio opened this summer of 2014 offering a variety of classes from beginner to advanced-level students. Upon entering the studio, you are greeted with the scent of freshly lit candles and a warm hug from the instructors Chuck and Karol. The new studio holds sessions in a single and simple room with large windows that face South Palm Canyon Drive and the majestic desert mountains.

Before teaching at the studio, Chuck lived and danced in New York City and the Los Angeles area before coming across the “holistic healing tradition” of yoga. Chuck’s style of teaching offers classical flow of sun salutations, standing poses, balances, etc. as if approaching a ballet class: “I like the barre, going across the floor, adagio and so on, and having that structure.” He enjoys helping students find the right pose that is both strengthening and suitable to their ability. “It’s like a puzzle,” he says.

Originally from Mexico, Karol is a mother of two young kids and came from an athletic soccer family. She began practicing Bikram, then Ashtanga and was certified to teach through Western Yoga College. Karol’s style of teaching mirrors Chuck’s in a way that she formats her class with classic poses. She understands that muscles develop memory and must be worked differently in order to improve. The instructors focus on alignment and proper transition, so students can expect to really absorb the pose before moving on to the next.

Peace Love Yoga is one of the few studios open in the Palm Springs area, and holds Hatha, Iyengar, Bikram, Power and Hot Yoga. Passes are also offered upon registration.



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