Heat-Up Your Summer with HOT HULA Fitness®

Fitness Classes

by Amanda Ridder

Two years ago, I stumbled across a sexy, new dance workout at Room to Dance Studio in downtown Riverside, California called HOT HULA fitness® that has made me feel more confident in own my body. If you have no previous experience in Polynesian-style dance but have always wanted to learn how to shake your hips like a hula dancer, this class is calling your name! It breaks down the movement for you to understand how to utilize certain muscles while allowing others to relax. In a HOT HULA fitness® class, you learn the basic hip movements such as Tamau, Ami, and Afata while working your entire body from head to toe to Polynesian drumbeat. You will learn simple and easy-to-follow choreography that allows you to practice controlling your hips while performing dynamic exercises. We are always focusing on eliminating momentum which makes this dance strong and warrior-like.

I walk out of every class dripping in sweat from squats, lunges, weight lifting and occasional partner exercises. HOT HULA fitness® is not only meant for the individual to perfect his or her dance technique, but to also celebrate a communal gathering and feel encouraged in a family-oriented environment. Anna-Rita Sloss and her founding team created this fitness regimen with family and cultural tradition in mind: “Our mission at Anna-Rita Sloss Enterprises, LLC is to make a positive difference in a person’s life every day by providing fun and effective group and home fitness workouts that ignite and support an individual’s passion for dance, wellness and family.” We push and motivate each other to squat lower and train a little harder. Most of all, the students are all about having a good time and enjoying the dance together.


To find a class in your area and learn more about what this revolutionary workout has to offer, visit the website at www.hothulafitness.com. I personally love wearing the Lava-Lava Sarongs that are specially designed for HOT HULA fitness® and you can purchase them for less than twenty dollars on the website. The fold of the skirt is tied right at your hipbones in order to make the motion more noticeable and embellished. When arriving to your first class, be sure to pack a water bottle and wear athletic clothing. Shoes are optional depending on the flooring in your class. Take a peek at this short video clip to see the sweaty goodness in action! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gH179_AkAc4.


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